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Ant Treatments

Let APM's experienced technicians put your mind at ease. One of our specially trained pest management technicians will inspect high-risk areas within your home for ants.



Carpenter ants can cause severe damage to your structure by nesting and tunneling in the wooded areas of your home.

Ant Treatments

Carpenter Ants will nest into wet and damp wooded areas, which is most of Alaska. This is bad because they are known to nest in wood beams and structures of homes, which can cause severe structural damage. Our team is equipped with pest control techniques backed by science, over 20 years’ experience, and state of the art tools and products. Alaska Pest Management is ready to help you remove your current ant problem as well as provide protection from future issues that may arise.

How does our Service work?

  • An APM technician will perform an extensive inspection of your home.

  • Our technician will then apply proper treatments to the area to eliminate and manage not only the ants on your structure, but also target the nest where the ants are coming from.

  • We highly recommend being treated every 30 - 45 days throughout the spring and summer for optimum success.

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