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Have you and your family been looking for a new Christmas tradition? Or maybe something to do during a pandemic? Well, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Race for Christmas!


Welcome to the 2nd Annual

What is the Race for Christmas?

  • The Race for Christmas is a treasure hunt, of sorts, with prizes at every corner and an opportunity to win Christmas presents for your family and also help families in need! 

  • A clue will be posted on this page every Friday at 12:00 pm (AKST). 

  • The clue will lead you to a local business, somewhere in that business will be a Race for Christmas QR Code. 

  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone camera to view the Weekly Riddle and submit your answer. 

  • Sometimes you may only receive a piece of the Weekly Riddle, and you will have to follow the next clue to find the rest of it. 

  • Each week there will be a small prize for the person who correctly answers the Weekly Riddle first! 

  • Our little elves will reply to your answer, through email, whether you were correct or not. 

  • The first person to solve the Weekly Riddle wins a prize! 

  • Be the first to correctly answer all FOUR Weekly Riddles to win the Grand Prize! 

  • In light of the pandemic, Alaska Pest Management recommends wearing masks and social distancing while enjoying our game! 

  • Once the final riddle is found, the first person to enter the answers on our site to all FOUR Weekly Riddles will win a $500 Christmas shopping spree all over Ketchikan. The best part is that Alaska Pest Management will match that $500 and donate it to a local nonprofit to help families in need this Christmas! 


I sit in a kitchen all day for you, and not to be proud, but in November I am used the most. 

 Weekend at ____________. 


**This clue leads you to the first Master Riddle.


Though a haven from the Rain I am, a cornucopia best describes who I am.  


Walgreens, but Alaskan. 

**This clue leads you to the first Master Riddle.


My contents may be worth a thousand words, but unless I protect it, no value will it serve. 


the left side of a ship + item to protect your artwork = ___________ 

**This clue leads you to the first Master Riddle.


I have many friends, Russian to American, Japanese to Mexican. Sadly, I have Cancer, but don’t worry I am going nowhere. 


Not Atlantic but _________.

Not cursive but _________.

**This clue leads you to the first Master Riddle.

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