Christmas Presents

The Race for Christmas!

Have you and your family been looking for a new Christmas tradition? Or maybe something to do during a pandemic? Well, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Race for Christmas!

What is the Race for Christmas?

  • The Race for Christmas is a treasure hunt, of sorts, with prizes at every corner and an opportunity to win Christmas for your family and families in need!

  • Every Friday starting November 13th, we will be posting riddles that are clues. These riddles will lead you to different locations around town.

  • At these locations, there will be QR codes that will take you online to a Master Riddle that must be solved.

  • Each week, the first person to solve the Master Riddle wins a prize!

  • Once the final riddle is found, the first person to enter the answers to all five Master Riddles on our site wins a $500 Christmas shopping spree all over Ketchikan. Alaska Pest Management will match that amount and donate it to a local nonprofit to help families in need!

Things You Need to Know


 I have a lot to say but never speak. I open up, but you cannot walk through me. I have a spine, and yet no bones. My body is pale, yet my heart is gold.

**This clue leads you to the first Master Riddle.


**This clue leads you to the second Master Riddle.

 I go to great lengths for you to understand. I never change my stripes, I stick to what you planned. I Bend and reach for you, in any given way. With no Delay, on your command, I'm back from whence I came.

  • A riddle will be posted on this page every Friday at 9:00 am (AKST).

  • The answer to the posted riddle is your clue!

  • The clue will lead you to a local business where you will find a very special QR code for the Master Riddle.

  • Scan the QR code with your smartphone to view the Master Riddle and submit your answer.

  • Each week there will be a small prize for the person who correctly answers the Master Riddle first!

  • Our little elves will reply to your answer, through email, whether you were correct or not.

  • Be the first to correctly answer all 5 Master Riddles to win a Grand Prize!

  • In light of the pandemic, Alaska Pest Management strongly recommends wearing masks and social distancing while enjoying our game!


My life is consumed by hours, I serve by being devoured. Thin I am quick and fat I am slow.

**This clue leads you to the third Master Riddle.


What nails are a pain to hammer into wood?

**This clue leads you to the fourth Master Riddle.


**This clue leads you to the fifth and final Master Riddle.

 In the darkness, you need me yet you don’t want to meet me. But when you need me, it's so that you don’t meet me.